The New Man – Authentic Masculinity


The new man heals his being, the planet and cleans up after himself. He is a role model for young men. rigorously honest and fiercely optimistic. He faces his darkest shades and wounds, using their power as a tool for transformation.

The authentic man knows his feelings and is able to share them if needed. He knows how to cry and let go of pain. Thus becoming free of suffering. He knows how to rage without hurting others. He knows how to fear, respects fear and still keeps on moving. He knows great gratitude and joy, sharing it with all those he meets.

He seeks self-mastery.

He has let go of guilt and childish shame, but takes responsibility when he does wrong. He is kind to men and women as well as children. In fact he loves all humanity and all forms of live. By example he teaches others how to be kind and is always ready to say sorry.

He doesn´t blame life, women nor parents or men for his pain. For him there exists no point in life where he gives in, no moment where he can´t do anything to change for the better. He has taken on full responsibility. He stopped letting his defenses ruin his relationships. Moving into relationship, he goes the full monty, giving his 100%. He opens his heart completely, taking the risk of being wounded deeply. Therefore he demands the same from his women, as he won´t accept a shallow relationship, that is reduced to two people staying in their comfort zone. For his woman, he is a lover, husband, brother, best friend, team player as well as a soul mate.

If so, he is a great father, allowing and empowering his children to develop the gifts they were born with.. He himself is playful and keeps his childlike amazement for life´s magic. His children trust and connect, knowing that they can always rely on him.

He is not ruled by his libido. He has enough self-respect to tell the truth. He creates intimacy and trust through his actions. He has men he trusts and who trust him in return. When needed he relies on their support. He knows how to make things happen and create the life he envisions. When needed he can roll with the flow. He is disciplined as well as flexible when he needs to. He knows how to truly listen.

He confronts his short comings and is not afraid to get himself dirty. He has high expectations for himself and those he connects with. When he makes mistakes he holds full accountability. If he falls seven, he will get back up eight times. Defeat does not exist in his vocabulary. He practices compassion, for himself and others.

He knows himself as an individual as well as an ever interdependent part of creation. He knows we are all one and that he is part of nature, being animal and spirit. He revers his divine spirit and cherishes his connection to something greater. He looks for ways to serve others and to connect with the source of creation.

He builds communities where all people are loved, respected and valued and is willing to be his brother’s keeper, giving his life if needed.

He knows his purpose and lives it, no matter how strong the pain or how great the challenges. Fulfilling his mission he is void of regret. He neither takes himself nor life too serious. He has a great sense of humor and laughs with total relaxation, because he gets the joke of life.


This is what mature masculinity means to me. Feel free to inspire with your own vision.

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