This blog is intended for everyone who seeks more than mundane life´s game of pain and pleasure. I´d like to take you on a journey through life, travelling the world, working as a Yoga teacher, nurse as well as a meditation facilitator.

During my own life I was lucky to receive great teachings passed on to me by sages, teachers, friends – in short –  people from all walks of life. I am very excites about this project and hope to be able to give something back to you. Feel free to ask anything and leave comments.

Writing this blog I want to create a community of individuals who yearn to unfold their life´s purpose in order to unfold there unlimited potential.
I am happy to provide you with those insights that have been given to me.
Besides that I happily offer my services as a Yoga teacher, coach and friend.

Feel free to contact me.

Either you leave a note or use my e-mail: p.cyrenius@gmail.com